PressCompanyCreating Financial Freedom: Paying by New Rules
Creating Financial Freedom: Paying by New Rules
Creating Financial Freedom: Paying by New Rules
14 Mar, 2022

Today’s largest financial institutions were built on extracting wealth, not creating it. Interest charges, fees and extended debt are all tools to keep people from being who they have every right to be – whoever they want.

Two years ago we set on a mission to change that. We’re building financial products designed to create financial freedom in the way people shop, earn and save by reshaping their relationship with money.

Built on trust, not interest

With credit cards making over 80% of their revenue from interest and fees, people are losing confidence in the companies that promised them a better life. From the outset we built in trust as a fundamental part of the Tabby experience. When our customers pay later with no interest or fees, we’re betting on people’s success, not their failure.

New Tabby identity, same mission

To change people’s relationship with money, we have to fundamentally rethink it. We want to build a company that enables commerce but also encourages responsible spending. It doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. We want to build a company with incentives aligned to people’s financial freedom and pave a way to get them there.

Today we’re so excited to see that mission materialize in our brand identity where Tabby embodies a new kind of money. One that lets you make the most out of it. One that’s empowering, fair and playful. Whether you’re buying a new couch or shopping for an outfit for the big day, we want you to feel good about the things you buy. And with Tabby, you can.

A positive relationship with money

As a young child, student and adult, we all have a relationship with money. That relationship can be fun, dark and complex – and that’s what makes it worth talking about.

A bit like food and our other primary needs, we believe forming healthy habits and relationships around money is critical to our personal growth, freedom and happiness. At Tabby we’re committed to help you navigate these complexities and to earn trust where it was once lost. We’re crafting honest products and stories built to champion your financial goals and help you create a relationship with money you can be proud of.

If you share those values and are inspired by our mission, join us in building the financial stack of the future built on trust.

Hosam & Daniil

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Want to sell with Tabby?Let your customers shop now and split their purchases into 4 interest-free payments while you get paid in full–upfront.

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