MAGRABi achieves their in-store sales vision

+59%Increase in average order value
+31%More sales
40%Share of checkout
MAGRABi is the Middle East’s leading fashion eyewear and medical eye care specialist, with more than 150 stores across 5 countries in the region. Their eyewear concept stores are home to a carefully curated collection of eyewear styles and designer brands, as well as the most advanced contact lenses available.


In Store

An eyewear institution

MAGRABi is the region’s market leader in eye care and has been operating since 1929. The MAGRABi brand is built on service and quality, allowing it to create an eyewear empire with over 150 stores and 20 hospitals across five different countries. Each customer is taken on an exceptional journey, from free eye tests in any of their stores to picking out the perfect pair of luxury glasses.

MAGRABi customers are buying peace of mind that they will leave the store with the perfect pair that not only corrects their vision but also completes their stylish look.

“Our main goal is to make the customer experience seamless. The journey a customer takes with MAGRABi is so critical. It starts with customers taking an eye test in-store and ends with them walking out with the optimal eyewear solution and a fresh sense of confidence to match. We need a payment solution that gives our customers the confidence they can get the lenses and frames they want on an affordable plan.”
Shatakshi Pandey
Shatakshi Pandey
Omni-channel Lead at MAGRABi

MAGRABi’s core payment objectives:

The first core payment objective is to improve the efficiency of the in-store customer journey. The second objective is to increase the target market volume and make luxury eyewear available to more customers. And lastly, continue to drive consistency between in-store and online channels.

The Tabby solution

MAGRABi implemented Tabby’s in-store pay-in 4 option to reduce the initial cost to the customer and leverage Tabby’s existing user base.

Before rolling out to all 150 stores, MAGRABi implemented Tabby as an in-store payment option in 10 pilot stores for two months. During that time, we closely monitored the impact Tabby had on average order value, total sales and share of checkout.

Each pilot store was given Tabby collateral to display throughout the store to inform customers of the new payment option.

The results

MAGRABi increased their average order by 59%, an outstanding achievement in the two-month trial period. This rise resulted from customers being able to afford the eye care they wanted due to having solid payment plans in place with Tabby.

The total sales volume also increased due to leveraging Tabby’s existing online reputation and customer base, ending the two-month trial period with a share of checkout of an impressive 40%.

“Since MAGRABi customers often start searching for eyewear before coming into the store, we must provide a consistent shopping experience from our online space to our offline stores. Providing Tabby in-store gives customers the peace of mind if they want to come in and browse, as they know they will have the same payment options as online.”
Shatakshi Pandey
Shatakshi Pandey
Omni-channel Lead at MAGRABi

After a successful trial, MAGRABi rolled out Tabby in-store into all of their 150 stores across the region. With a small helping hand from Tabby, MAGRABi is going from strength to strength, cementing itself as the region's leading eye care brand.

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