Home Box takes home a 180% increase.

+180%Increase in AOV
30%Share of checkout
3.34%Lower return rate
Home Box is your one-stop-shop for modern furniture and décor at affordable prices. Home Box offers everything you need for everyday living: a wide variety of furniture, decor and furnishings, and kitchenware, all at economical prices. Home Box is part of Landmark Group and is one of their fastest growing businesses.

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A growth spurt to maintain

Home Box started their business in 2013 as a brick and mortar, but expanded their reach rapidly throughout the years and added e-commerce in 2017. By now, they have 12 shops in UAE, 1 in Qatar, 2 in Bahrain, and no less than 23 in KSA. But their real growth channel: e-commerce.

"The growth that we are seeing in the online channel is way more than in the brick and mortar channel. So both from a growth aspect as well as a share of revenue aspect, e-commerce has been a critical piece, even though it is a much younger channel."
Ashick Ali
Ashick Ali
Head of E-commerce at Home Box

From lockdown to home makeover.

The 2020 lockdown shifted consumer habits that allowed home and decor businesses all over the world to grow and Home Box is no exception. As people were locked into their homes and work from home became the norm, many people were looking for an overdue home makeover. Home Box was looking for a solution to capture the demand of this influx of shoppers.

Flexible payments raise customer confidence.

Home Box turned to Tabby to provide the ultimate shopping experience. Home and furniture businesses often deal with a higher AOV and larger ticket items. And especially in times of uncertainty, customers have less confidence in large purchases. Tabby raises customer confidence by breaking a large ticket up into multiple payments.

"Tabby works for the benefit of the customer and we are seeing that in terms of increased adoption in our checkout."
Ashick Ali
Ashick Ali
Head of E-commerce at Home Box

Out of the Box marketing.

What makes Tabby stand out from other payment providers for Home Box are the collaborative campaigns. To boost acquisition Home Box actively promotes Tabby across touch points on its website and app, in CRM campaigns, paid social ads and influencer campaigns. By timing co-marketing pushes to coincide with peak sales seasons like payday periods, Black Friday and Ramadan and in combination with Split in 4, Home Box has increased their AOV by 180% with Tabby.

ROAS increased by 23%

Mentioning Tabby early on in the shopping journey has proved fruitful for Home Box. For one of the paid social media campaigns, Home Box decided to incorporate Tabby’s logo and messaging into its assets. This resulted in clicks increasing by 23% and sessions by 11%, as well as higher conversions and revenue, for roughly the same costs. All in all, ROAS increased by more than 23%.

Home Box leveraged Tabby’s large customer base and industry leading customer experience to maximise results from their preferred payments provider.

"Home Box believes in creating brand value determined by customer experiences with an overall improvement in brand perception. During the recent pre-Ramadan period, we collaborated with Tabby to create brand awareness and acquire new customers. Our performance improved during the campaign, but it also left a lasting impact on our audience, which helped us scale our campaigns even afterwards."
Shahzeen Rizvi
Shahzeen Rizvi
Digital Marketing Specialist at Home Box

Home Box’ growth has allowed them to continuously work on enhancing the customer experience and features, and are looking to expand into different markets.

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